High-quality photos are important to accurately portray the story we are trying to create as bloggers. As a new blogger, a huge part of my frustration was finding sites that offered free stock photos. I have compiled a list of my favorite 25 sites for stock photos below along with an explanation of the various types of licenses associated with stock photos.


Royalty- free licenses are the most common for stock images that are sold. With this license the user can pay once to use the photo multiple times. This type of license cannot be used to create products that will be sold, however. To use these photos for products that you will sell you must purchase a royalty free extended license.

Royalty-free extended license

As the name denotes, royalty-free extended licenses extend the use of these photos to include products for sale. There are limits on the volume of products that may be sold under this license.

Creative Commons License

Photos covered under the creative commons license are free to use, but they require that the photographer is attributed ( given credit) for the image. These images cannot be use for commercial purposes.

Public Domain

These photos have been released to the public to be used for private and commercial use with no restrictions.

  1. CreateHer Stock – many free, paid VIP version available
  2. Unsplash
  3. Pixabay
  4. Librestock
  5. Gratisography
  6. PicJumbo
  7. StockSnap
  8. Life of Pix
  9. Jay Martin
  10. Picography
  11. Foodies Feed
  12. Negative Space
  13. Took A Pic
  14. Splash Base
  15. Shutteroo
  16. Flickr
  17. RGBStock
  18. Pexels
  19. Moveast
  20. ISO Republic
  21. Image After
  22. Designer Pics
  23. Budget Stock Photo
  24. Creative Vix
  25. Fancy Crave