If you see me laying out in a kiddie pool eating an entire birthday cake, don’t judge me.  Just know I’m having one of those days. No, I’m not celebrating a b-day and I’m not just lavishing in my #carefreeblackgirllifestyle. However, I’m most certainly feeling uninspired. The feeling of being uninspired is so discouraging! As a creative and a 20-something I am always in search of things that fuel my next step. I enjoy activities that encourage the growth I crave. Being uninspired is the feeling I dread the most. It’s like knowing you’re capable of so much but not sure which direction to go. What happens when one night you look at the stars and want to be like them and other nights you look at the stars praying for the sun? Oh life, why do you drive me so crazy? You know how they say all great things happen outside of your comfort zone?
Well, it doesn’t matter how far you run from your comfort zone when the passion is gone. You just may find yourself in a kiddie pool with an entire cake labeled “Feliz Cumpleaños Maria” when your name is actually Nicole. Yes, being uninspired will drive a creative to do horrible things like “borrow” a cake to drown in your sorrow. Sorry Maria! On my best day I’m on top of the world, enjoying a perfect winged eyeliner giving beauty pageant-esque waves and encouragement to those who need it.
Pause: Isn’t it funny when someone has a singular successful moment and they quickly turn into a motivational speaker?
Play: On my worst day I practice a very important skill called SLOW DOWN.
Think about it. If you’ve worked hard to get somewhere and find yourself unmotivated to continue, do you just come to a complete stop and give up? No, of course not! Because you know if you stop it’s twice as hard to get started again. So instead of stopping I just slow down and reassess my life.
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Still Uninspired? Try Introspection

All creatives experience moments where we are uninspired. When you are looking for inspiration it is important to take time to stop and smell the roses. Do a little introspection. Uninspired moments mean that we need to change focus and indulge in self-care. Imagine taking a moment to figuratively shake yourself and say “Girl, what’s wrong? What do YOU need?” Then finding ways to self-care that don’t completely take you out of your everyday routine.
It is important that we never stop creating. If you have writer’s block, try painting. If you’re not feeling creative at all, try surrounding yourself with inspiring things. Whether it’s a documentary, a book, music or any form of someone else’s art. There is something to be said for faking it till we make it. Why not try living vicariously through dope women that do the things you inspire to do? This could be just the boost needed to encourage you to get back to that on top of the world pageant wave type of feeling.

Create something daily

I recently found a journal in Target called 300 Writing Prompts. This book asks thought provoking questions and allows you to learn a little more about yourself. It is important that we never stop writing or creating.This book could be just the catalyst of inspiration to take that same energy and write for yourself. Remember that there is something unique inside of you that the world needs.
Examples of  the type of questions in 300 Writing Prompts :
If this week had a theme to it, what would yours be?,
As a kid, what job did you dream you would have as an adult? What job do you have now?
What do you want more out of life: happiness or success? Good questions right!
Learning more about myself is probably the number 1 way to get my inspiration back. It reminds me that I’m not just here as a body but a mind that requires peace and a soul with a vision. Then I can press play, get out of slow mode and create something that I would be proud to share.
I talk more about 300 Writing Prompts in my last vlog. Check it out here.
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