I am constantly inspired by the amazing bloggers who are making it happen on their own terms. These bloggers are making the write impact by designing amazing articles, videos and ensembles for the world to admire. One such blogger is Shanae Wildgoose of The Urbane 23. Shanae has joined the Southern Impact family as a lifestyle contributing writer. She shares her insights on counteracting the effects of being uninspired in her article. Feeling Uninspired? Try a Kiddie Pool and Birthday Cake. There are really no lengths a creative won’t try to become inspired!

The reasons I started my blog are vastly different from the reasons I continue to create content. As business owners, (if you don’t realize it, as a bloggers we are CEOs of media companies) it is important to find inspiration everywhere, everyday. What inspires you? My children inspire me to create the life I crave because in doing so, I give them permission to do the same. On those days when I feel like throwing in the towel, they give me the courage to keep striving. It seems that those days are occurring more frequently as I expand my horizons and take on more projects. Maybe a quick weekend getaway will be the just the trick to inspire the next round of content. Have you ever been inspired while traveling? Our travel contributing writer, Shieka Doctor explores the benefits of travel in her post  Inspire the Life You Crave with Travel.

What if neither kiddie pools nor travel is enough to spark the inspiration for you? When you look good, you feel good or so the saying goes. Fashion contributing writer , Taniqua Russ explores how to use fashion to inspire a better mood in Better than Chocolate: Fashion Inspiration.

Summer is almost over, and children all over the nation are heading back to school. Are you looking for ways to inspire a great school year for your child? Read Back to School: 3 Ways to Inspire a Great School Year.

Beyond the Keyboard is the segment we will use to introduce the nominees and winners of the inaugural round of The Southern Blogger Impact Awards ™. This month we are introducing the winner of the Best Magazine Blog, Michiel Perry of Black Southern Belle. Read why she started her blog here.

This edition of Southern Impact Magazine is dedicated to inspiration. That sometimes fleeting emotion that motivates us creatives to continue creating. I would love to hear what inspires you! I would like to take the time to shout out one of my many blogger besties, Joanae’ King of Naetorious. Her blog was also nominated for an S.B.I.A award this year!  Joanae is a constant source of motivation for me. Whether I send a quick text,  SOS via Facebook or pick up the phone to call I can always count on her to have a great suggestion. She is also sure to make me laugh in the process. Want to shout out your blogger bestie?  Email me at editor@southernimpactmag.com.

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