August has been ushered in and brings with it the final quarter of 2016. Have you accomplished the majority of the goals you set for your business this year? Are you struggling to find the motivation to finish 2016 strong? Try these steps:

Review Your Yearly Business Goals

The purpose of reviewing the yearly goals you set in January isn’t to throw a pity party. If you haven’t crushed the majority of those targets, celebrate the ones that you have achieved. Access how many of those intentions are still in progress and gauge whether there is still time to accomplish them. Is it possible that some of them can be tabled until 2017?

Get Organized

The average millionaire has seven streams of income. As busy entrepreneurs, it can become difficult to remain focused and organized in our pursuit of those seven streams. Editorial calendars can be used to plan blog posts and content in advance. Download your free Social Media organizer here.  If you blog is on the WordPress platform, you can schedule your blog posts to automatically publish on a date you choose. Use a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts for the times of day when you get the most engagement. Sunday is a good time to schedule those items. Use a project management software like Basecamp or Asana to coordinate activities with your team. Don’t have a team yet? Consider enlisting the help of friends or family who would be willing to donate their time to assist you in accomplishing your dreams. Use Google calendar to schedule appointments and sponsored posts.

Give Yourself a Break

Setting and achieving goals is not an exact science. Slow and steady progression is the key to achieving your blogging goals. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes, to miss a week (or two) of blogging without feeling guilty. Build a tribe of blogger friends who understand the struggle. They can shed light on a problem that you may not recognize easily. Most of all, they understand the struggle of creating content consistently. On those weeks when you just don’t feel like posting reshare an old post to get some fresh traffic to your site. Take stock of what works best for your business and accentuate the positive.


What are some ways that you are planning to finish 2016 strong?