Summer is almost over, and that means that children across the nation are headed back to school. The care-free days of summer wreak havoc on the order that is necessary for children to succeed in school. Try these steps to inspire a great school year for your child.

Set Goals

Set aside some time to talk with your child about his or goals for the year. Maybe they didn’t make the basketball team last year and are determined to play this year. Make achieving that goal a priority by ensuring that they practice on a regular basis. If your child is in high school, a goal may be to score highly on the college admission tests. Schedule your child in SAT or ACT prep classes to give them the best chance at performing well. It is important that your child sets the tone for the school year. It is equally important that you hold them accountable for the objectives they have set for themselves. Does your child need a little more incentive to strive to reach his or her goals? Consider offering “prizes” for accomplishing the small tasks associated with the ultimate goal.

Ask Questions About The School Day

Instead of the normal “How was your day?” Try these alternatives:

  1. What did you eat for lunch?
  2. What was the most difficult thing you had to do today?
  3. Tell me one funny thing that happened today?


Develop a Morning Routine

A morning routine may be the most important aspect of creating the atmosphere for a successful school year. If your children are anything like mine, it is difficult to arouse them for school. However, my children don’t seem to require an alarm clock for the weekend! Create a morning routine that allows the children time to lounge and not rush to get dressed. It is always helpful for me to wake a few minutes earlier than my girls in order to enjoy the “quiet before the storm”. This also ensures that I am calm which has a calming effect on my girls.

What are some of your tips for a setting the intention for a successful school year for your children?