Fear is a constant in life. We are afraid of spiders or snakes, some people fear clowns and big dogs. If we think long enough, there are many things that frighten us. Since fear is inevitable, we have to figure out how to live a full life in spite of being afraid of one thing or another. It may be difficult to understand how one could be hesitant to travel. But, it is a legitimate barrier for some. Every time we hear of an airplane crash the fear of flying may be reinforced. News of uprisings or Americans being unlawfully detained in some distant land also encourages our fright and hesitation to visit an international locale. Here are a few tips to push past the fear of travel.

Take the Plunge

Fearing certain tasks or things is natural. Allowing that fear to prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone is not. Imagine the irony of a travel agent and blogger with a fear of flying? When one of my favorite movies was made into a Broadway play, I pushed past that fear to fly to New York and enjoy the play. I have to credit my husband for supporting and encouraging me through the process.

Think about what you are missing

If you never get over your fear and get out to see the world you will miss out on lots of experiences. You could be zip lining in Costa Rica or taking a tour of Bob Marley’s home, but if you let fear stop you then you never will. There are so many adventures waiting to be explored. You just have to be willing to open yourself up to the possibility of enjoying them.


Hesitant about traveling to a destination you have never visited? One way to get over that fright is to research the location. Learn about local attractions that you may  enjoy. Ask a family member or friend what they liked about the area and what you should avoid. This information may help ease your mind about whatever misgivings you may have.

Consider the opportunities that you may be missing when you don’t travel outside of your comfort zone. Take baby steps to live the life you want to lead on your own terms. Travel is the only experience that you can spend money on and be richer for it. You will be so glad you did. Where will you visit next?